CTO Dinner


May 9th, 2022 | 6-9pm

Invite only: 28 Leading Edge Technologists



What is the economy of machines?

Imagine a world where every compute resource was tokenized and sold freely on an open marketplace? Storage, Connectivity, Energy, Processing Power and, soon, tokenized carbon offsets. We believe this future is coming, and want to catalyze the conversation by uniting the early ground breaking thought leaders and innovators for the first time. 


Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller

CEO & Founder @ Flux

Joseph Williams

Jospeh Williams


Dan Herb

Dan Herb

VP Product @ Vapor.io

David Aronchick

David Aronchick

Research @ Protocol Labs

Alan Ransil

Head of Filecoin Green

Renan kruger


REx st john

Event host

Brandon Shibley

Brandon shibley

CTo @ Toradex

Adam Benzion

CXO @ Edge Impulse

Laura Roman


Jamie Boyd

CEO @ Cascadia Acquisition Corp.

Jinger Zeng

Head of ecosystem @ Hackster.io

Tessa Mero

Tessa mero

developer relations

David Watts

US Director, Business Development @ MaxiHost

Osho Jha

Founding Partner @ dClimate

Josh Dobies

VP of Products @ BedRock Systems

Antonio Pellegrino

CEO @ Mutable

Mark Mueller Eberstein

CEO @ Adgetec

Tomasz Wojewoda

head of global sales @ Chainlink Labs

Stefan Renton

Co-founder @ Reverse

yee lee

svp @ Cascadia Capital

Harinderpal Hanspal

Venture Partner @ Momenta

Pete Erickson

Founder@ Modev

Mark LaPenna

CEO @ Xenesis

Keenan Johnson

founder @ Ribbit Network

Samuel Imgrueth

ceo @ Toradex

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